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Join the ACCESS:VFX programme on Prospela - an online initiative pursuing inclusion, diversity, awareness & opportunity by connecting aspiring creatives to those already in industry across 40+ award-winning VFX, Animation and Games studios.

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"It's been fantastic adding an extra experienced set of eyes to my MA work. I've been able to ask questions I wouldn't feel comfortable asking in the usual setting when you meet industry professionals."
Tom, Student & Aspiring Character Animator, Wales


The easiest way of getting regular, live insights from real VFX employees.

Get inspired and see what work-life reality is really like, directly from employees in your chosen industry as they go about their working day. Get support developing a career plan that is grounded in reality, with personalised online advice anytime, anywhere.

Start building your professional network by gaining access to people you might not have met otherwise and get your foot in the door to 30+ award-winning VFX, Animation and Games studios.

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Help garner a more inclusive and diverse arena for the VFX, Animation & Games industries.

We'll connect you with Mentees from all walks of life, aspiring to break into, and progress in, your industry. Using an online Slack chat, you can mentor students online anytime, anywhere.

The Prospela team (and your fellow mentors!) are on hand to personally support you throughout your e-mentoring experience.

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