ACCESS:VFX is a global, industry-led, non-profit comprised of 40 leading companies, industry bodies and educational establishments in the VFX, animation and games industries. It focuses on actively pursuing and encouraging inclusion, diversity, awareness and opportunity under its four pillars of Inspiration, Education, Mentoring and Recruitment.

ACCESS:VFX has united over 100 passionate people (many from competing companies) around the common goal of addressing the lack of diversity in the VFX industry. Together they have run more than 50 events and reached thousands of potential future employees of primary school age and above across the UK, US and Canada - working with organisations including We Are Stripes, Into Film and This Ability.

Access:vfx members

Access:vfx UK Board members

Amy Smith
Daniel Waterman
Carse & Waterman
Harriet Edge-Partington
Lucy Cooper
Neil Hatton
UK Screen Alliance
Nene Parsotam
We Are Stripes
Phil Attfield
NextGen Skills Academy
Simon Devereux
The Mill
Tom Box
Blue Zoo Animation Studio

US & CANADA CHAPTERS Board members

Phieffer Golding
Cat Gulacsy
Colette Murray
The Mill
Lauren McCallum
Mill Film
Ryan Penny
Made in NY Post Production Training Program