A day in the life of a Runner @ Framestore

By Jack Hubbard & Ben Kocic | 26th June 2018

Hi! Jack and I are runners at Framestore and we are here to tell you about the day to day life of a runner! To be honest, we sat here for a while thinking about what a standard day as a runner consists of. But, there are no two days that are ever the same….and that’s what we love about this job.

Of course we have tasks that we complete on a regular basis, which include keeping all the kitchens tidy and making sure they’re all stocked up with tea/coffee etc. We also complete drive runs to clients, cater to clients if they are visiting Framestore to discuss projects, and countless other tasks.

Being a runner opens up fantastic opportunities for you to develop your career in VFX. Just to name a few, Framestore offers the Runner Development Program, regular industry lectures/talks and 24/7 contact with the artists that work here. The runner development program has been an amazing experience for us. When you become a runner, you are assigned a mentor in the area you want to progress in, whether that be matchmoving, paint and roto, or the various other departments within Framestore. With your mentor’s assistance, you then work through shots from actual films, developing you into a high standard artist, ready to progress up into the company as an artist. In addition to receiving a mentor, Framestore regularly offer employees the opportunity to attend external lectures and courses. I recently attended Substance Day at Pearson College in Holborn, which was a day of guest speakers talking about the programs, Substance Designer and Substance Painter. Jack is also currently on a short course in Character Design at Escape Studios in Shepherds Bush, all organised and funded by Framestore.

Our absolute favourite thing about being here, is the exposure to the industry. I’ve been here 14 months and I still meet new people nearly everyday and talk and learn about what sort of work they are doing. Everyone is so friendly, and all the artists are always happy to talk to you about their work, and to talk to you about how to improve your personal work.

A day in the life of a runner is difficult to describe, however we hope that this has been useful to you and that you understand how much of a great opportunity it is to bump start your career in visual effects.