A Day in the Life of a Look Development Artist @ Blue Zoo

By Hannah Wong | 21st September 2018

What people do as a Look Development Artist can differ between studios. For me in my day to day life as a Look Dev artist, I have days where I would focus on one project while others, I hop between multiple projects throughout the day depending on the urgency.

Such as, creating a visual style in 3D for a pitch whether it’s for TV or commercials, using my generalist skills from modelling to compositing and sometimes grooming to create a 3D look. Clients come to us wanting a specific style while others have an idea but uncertain what it will look like in 3D. We as the Look Dev Department will present a variety of looks, then iterate from there. Depending on the project, I can suggest my own ideas and have more creative license when interpreting 2D designs into 3D.

I help out with productions too, where upcoming episodes have new characters and props that need grooming or any technical issues when bringing it in for Lighting & Comp. Or it’s for pre-production where we develop the characters further once we win a TV series pitch. Other times, I develop the look of pilot episode or teaser for an upcoming TV show, then supervise the Lighting & Comp when we bring in people to work on it.

Within our small team we would usually be on different projects but we’re still collaborative when solving issues that may have happened before or having another pair of eyes to give each other feedback.

It can be stressful juggling between multiple projects at times while being able to meet my own deadlines for my main current project I’m assigned to. I do feel the pressure and responsibility that my work is a factor whether we win pitches for the studio. But at the same time, I really do enjoy exploring a variety of styles and use my generalist skills because it keeps it fun and interesting for me everyday at work.