A day in the life of a Runner @ The Mill

By India Smith | 26th June 2018

Though so often said, no day running is ever the same. I have started days delivering coffees and ended up cycling around Victoria Park, blowing up hundreds of helium balloons and recently making green slime.

The average day involves maintaining high levels of client services delivering drinks, cleaning communal spaces and performing various runs. Most runs are for food though at times you get food envy you also end up racking up on the loyalty cards! There’s a grand assumption that you stay fit running around all day. However, the amount of food you’re surrounded by causes quite the opposite effect.

Your day to day tasks depend on the shift you’re doing. We have 9 different shifts varying in times and roles. At The Mill we regularly shift between who is Head Running, working The Loft Bar or normal running. I personally enjoy this as you get a chance to learn about different aspects of the company and for the team in general to respect each other’s roles. While running you are encouraged to train in your own time and talk to co-workers and clients. Training depends on what you want to get in to but it’s advised that you gain an understanding of a variety roles to help understand the whole process of a job. Some runners get the opportunity to take time out of running to assist in the departments which is generally the top aim for runners to progress!

As someone who’s recently moved to London running at The Mill has been amazing for gaining friendships in those you run with. The strong team makes tasks like changing bins and restocking fridges more bearable as you’re playing your part. These friendships extend amongst the rest of the building, particularly fuelled by our Friday Night Drinks! But mostly it’s great seeing your talented friends learn and progress into roles they thoroughly deserve.