A day in the life of a runner @ DNEG

By Natasha Kanolik | 27th June 2018

From my first week at DNEG, I instantly knew that no two days were going to be the same. I also knew that a comfy pair of shoes would be an essential!

The runner’s team is made up of roughly 10-15 twenty-something’s. All bustling with energy ready to give it their all, and very eager to move up to either an artist or production role.

With the support of our in-house trainers and assigned mentors, artist runners are expected to use their own time to train in their relevant field. As a 3D Runner, through a personal project, I am building on my texturing skills in Mari and Substance Painter as well as learning Marvellous Designer. 2D Runners are assigned a range of roto prep shots from former shows to work through such as Wonder Woman and Fantastic Beasts to submit accordingly. Production Runners tend to learn on the job by shadowing dailies sessions for current shows in progress.

The day-to-day life as a runner generally consists of setting up refreshments for meetings, keeping kitchens well stocked and tidy, the odd desk raise, taking drives to other studios and miscellaneous errands in and outside the building.

We do however, get the opportunity to participate in the more exciting tasks - like wearing motion capture suits for demos, setting up events and catering for VIP clients.

Being a runner tests your ability to think on your feet. Your average day will be busy enough, although there are the odd days where you have to be able to juggle 5 client meetings, the delivery of a sofa arriving, and three lunch runs – all whilst setting up an event for 100 people all within an hour.

DNEG Runners exceed at working as a team. By keeping a positive attitude and constant communication, we tackle these hectic moments and tend to have a good time whilst doing it. The runner’s room is a solace environment. Constant streams of people come in and out - many of which are ex-runners and still find contentment here.

There are additional jobs that are assigned to runners. A Head Runner is someone who has been a general runner for a sufficient amount of time and knows how things run in the building. They’re essentially responsible for delegating tasks amongst the team, and can be seen as a somewhat missionary control job. Post Runners process the huge influx of parcels we receive to our mail room. Our Facilities Runner is responsible for ordering stock and all required items, as well as general administrative duties.

All in all the day in the life of a runner at DNEG is a positive one, working in a studio with an array of committed and interesting people, who will always be happy to support and guide you through your career progression.