Celebrating International Women’s Day with NextGen’s newest apprentices

By Next Gen | 8th March 2019

Kathy and Kayleigh, Apprentices at Framestore

Kathy O'Loingsigh, Junior 2D Artist Apprentice at Framestore.

Katherine and Kayleigh – Framestore Apprentices “I feel incredibly lucky to be entering the industry at a time when amazing opportunities such as this apprenticeship are available, but also when equality and diversity are becoming strong suits of the VFX world. As a Junior 2D Artist Apprentice at Framestore, I get to work with all kinds of people from all over the world on spectacular projects. This apprenticeship allows me to gain knowledge and experience at the same time, while getting my foot in the door - probably the hardest stage of a career in VFX.”

Kayleigh Reeves-Deane, Junior 2D Artist at Framestore.

"The opportunities in this industry are spectacular, though they lie just out of reach as you try to get your foot in the door. Becoming a Junior 2d Artist at Framestore puts me past that difficult stage and right in the heart of the magic. What better way to learn than from those working directly on my favourite films. This forever developing industry requires adaptability, it puts me at the forefront of all the new exciting softwares, technologies and advancements; guided by those at the best of their game and joining a team who have brought countless enchanting hours to my life, in the hope that I can do the same for others."

Ericka and Tori, Apprentices at DNEG

Ericka Go, ATD (CFX) Apprentice at DNEG

Erica Go "I think of myself as a creative and technically inclined individual. Therefore, pursuing a career within the visual effects industry allowed me to merge the two aspect together. I have a background in Maths, Media, Computer Science and Art which I did my A-Levels on. And having graduated last year, I was briefly introduced to the realm of VFX through a ‘Visual Effects for Film and TV’ module within my university. I love how you can make the impossible possible and create out of this world visuals that drive the storytelling forward. All of this awe and wonder built up and became a catalyst of how I began to progress my journey into the industry.

"I knew I have so much more to learn and discover, with the limited amount of knowledge I’ve acquired. I started looking for opportunities and got to take part in the NextGen Futures bootcamp during the summer. I was exposed to the many avenues and ways of getting into the industry, which eventually led towards the apprenticeship route.

"Over the course of my journey, I grew to appreciate the process of how all the roles and departments come together. I especially saw a sense of community and belonging when I branched out of my comfort zone and went to ACCESS:VFX events as well as other industry-led talks from London ACM Siggraph. I became more inspired and certain to pursue this career path simply through meeting diverse talented individuals that have all made their way into the industry differently though shared the same determination and passion as me. For every step of the way, I realised how valuable each and every single person working in this industry have been. How everyone has a purpose and can collaboratively contribute to bring extraordinary worlds and characters to life."

Tori Aspinall, Junior 2D Artist Apprentice at DNEG

Tori Aspinall “I absolutely love the fusion of creativity and technology! VFX is one of the only areas where the only limit is your imagination, literally anything is possible. I’m a perfectionist so the tedious side to VFX really appeals to me as well. I love it when I can make a change and its seamless to the point where an audience wouldn’t know what’s been changed, it’s just super satisfying to look back at!

“An apprenticeship suits me as I learn from doing things in the real world. I don’t have a degree and I’m 18, so I’m trying to work on getting as much experience as possible, and learning what you wouldn’t necessary learn through a conventional education route. I’m eager to learn everything I can and I’m hoping this helps me on my journey!

“I’m a Junior 2D Artist Apprentice at DNEG and I’m still as excited about it as I was when I found out I got the spot! It’s really encouraging knowing that more diversity is happening and I think that these apprenticeships are a move for positive change. I can’t wait to see how it evolves from here!"