Montreal Access:VFX: Panel Event

By Phieffer Lamey-Golding | 22nd August 2018

Montreal is a major player in VFX post-production, and with that, new challenges of diversity and inclusion arise. This is alongside the ever present difficulty of attracting new talent and retaining talent within the industry.

On August 9th, we had the first event of Montreal Access: VFX, which aimed to bring together the Montreal based VFX industry. During this event we discussed the issues that are being faced regarding the shortage of talent, and how a more diverse and inclusive industry can help.

We welcomed representatives from all areas of the industry including a VFX Supervisor and a Runner, but also HR and facilities managers.

The event was a huge success and a great way to kick off Access: VFX in Montreal. Stay tuned for information on upcoming events and workshops hosted by the Montreal Access: VFX team!