A Day In The Life Of An Animator @ Blue Zoo

By Ricky Honmong | 15th September 2018

A typical working day for me starts by coming in and grabbing a bowl of the cereal that Blue-Zoo provide for us. We have flexi hours here so I come in for 9 instead of 10 as it’s quieter and I find it easier to get into stuck into my work without a lot of distractions.

After lunch I’d usually work right up until end of shift unless we have meetings or reviews. Depending on how far into the episode we are, we'd have layout or animation reviews to check the progress and be given notes on anything the animation director picks up on.

On any given day during the week, there are a number of social events and activities you can partake in such as Life Drawing, listening to guest speakers and Beer O clock. I myself take part in the football to keep active.