A day in the life of a Production Manager @ Blue Zoo

By Lauren Grant | 31st August 2018

I joined Blue Zoo in August 2016 as a Production Assistant. I've been a Production Manager since April this year. Before joining Blue Zoo I was working at a small TV production company as a production/edit assistant and After Effects fiddler. It was there I realised I had a knack for production, but that I wanted to do it in an animation studio.

I graduated from the UCA in 2010 with a degree in Animation, and no idea where I fit in the industry. I'd worked part-time at a shop whilst I was studying, after graduating I became a full-time supervisor there and did freelance motion graphics projects in my spare time. After working in retail and admin for a few years, in 2015 I decided to quit and go for it. A few tense months of unemployment later the risk paid off; I got the job that would lead me to Blue Zoo.

Currently, I work across Go Jetters and Numberblocks. Typically, I will go through my inbox first thing, make to-do lists for the day, check in with the directors and leads about their plan for the day and to see how everything is going for them, whether we are still on track to hit targets for the week, and if not, figure out how to adapt to that. I'll contact the scriptwriters and composer to follow up on how they are getting on too. I book in briefings, reviews and meetings, track schedules, and organise the voice records and post-production. On days when voice record sessions are booked in, I'll attend those, which is one of my favorite things to do. I communicate with the client about approvals, and I'm also responsible for keeping the budget on track and getting all of the deliverables ready for final delivery of the episodes. It's hectic but never boring!