A Day In The Life Of A Producer @ The Mill

By James Yeo | 10th August 2018

I knew from day 1 I was going to learn a lot and learn it super-fast. On my first day I arrived early and enjoyed a coffee in the loft before getting introduced to the production team. Instantly feeling welcomed I felt confident to dive straight in and by day 3 I was juggling 4 projects all with varying budgets and deadlines. 5 months later and no one day has been the same. My first couple of months were mainly focused on working with one amazing client delivering content with a number of artists but now I jump around daily with the number of clients my team look after.

I’d never worked at such a large company before joining The Mill and never thought I’d get to know everyone on such a good level so quickly. It is incredible having so many talented artists across a number of disciplines and colleagues with such vast experiences to help you with any questions that new jobs throw at you. With this support, I feel confident and proud to know that I’ll be working on some of the best creative projects in my career.

In my day to day now, I work closely with my team to answer client’s creative challenges and quite often am wrangling creative heads to help find the best solutions. My role is also heavily client facing so a large part of my day is speaking to and entertaining a number of my contacts to keep those relationships strong. Having face time with clients over a coffee or lunch are so important to me as I also want a totally relaxed and comfortable working relationship.

I have had some stressful long days around big deliveries but when you see the final work in all its glory, the feeling is priceless. I’m currently bidding on a project that covers live action, design and VFX so that will be my focus for the coming days wrangling teams to get this quoted up and fingers crossed another win!