A day in the life of a Producer @ Framestore

By Benjamin Perry | 7th August 2018
Hello my name is Benjamin Perry and i'm a VFX producer for television here at Framestore.

9am - My day starts reading emails and responding to our clients questions that have come in overnight, especially those based in America (Our work takes us all over the world, meeting extremely talented people with a variety of backgrounds- pretty cool!).

10am- Time to gather the team for our daily stand-up meeting, where each team updates the Production staff on the various projects we are working on. We keep these stand up meetings short only flagging key points only to allow us to focus on the day ahead.

10.30am - Time for Client meetings for new/developing projects. This is my favourite part of the day, getting to hear people's exciting ideas that one day we’ll see on our TV screens at home - it's like knowing a really exciting secret before anyone else in the world. With our Clients and Creative Directors we talk about the project and share ideas to help make the best TV show we can. Our approach to any new project is always collaborative especially for long-form projects like TV where juggling quality, time and money is really important. (side note circus skills are optional to work in production!)

2pm - Into a review suite (our own private cinema!) to take a look at our Artists work for a car chase sequence - lots of explosions and FX work! These reviews give our Artists (the team that make the work) a chance to share any feedback they may have about the shots they are working on. If you don't know, a ‘shot’ in production terms, is the moment that the camera starts rolling until the moment it stops. Next time you watch your favourite programme look out for how many times you see a new picture on screen this would be a shot - you'll notice there's a lot of them!

4pm - Back at my desk working through the bid (think of this as the bible of any show) looking at ways to keep the show on budget without compromising on the final quality of the show...we always want it to look great!

5.30pm - A call with a client based in Los Angeles to discuss some questions they have about our latest designs, having found a solution we are happy with, we end the call ready to put our plan into action.

6pm - Rounding up my day writing tomorrows to-do list (always write a to do list - I promise it will make your day much easier) then heading home and start it all again tomorrow.