A day in the life of a Production Assistant @ Jellyfish

By Codie | 8th October 2018

I was a lawyer for about 6 years and decided to pursue a career change upon a rare opportunity of relocation from Sydney to London.

The aspects of my job are two-fold. As a runner, I make sure that there is a satisfactory supply of fruits and tea bags in the kitchen every day to avoid angry uproar of unruly artists, and that unsolicited sales phone calls do not impede our peaceful lives. As a production assistant, I lend a helping hand to the production coordinators and producers, all the while trying not to break things.

Even though I'm almost three months into my work in the film industry now, I still find most of my tasks as a production assistant fairly challenging. As I don't have film training, there is always a considerable amount of knowledge to absorb on a daily basis and I pester people around me with questions about the fundamentals of film production. I learn new things about Shotgun, VFX and animation pipelines everyday. I also observe how different coordinators manage existing projects, prepare new bids and communicate with the team members and clients.

Every afternoon, I annoy everyone at the Margaret Street studio with an email reminder about time logging. Compliance is rewarded with beer on Beer Fridays.