3D Careers in the VFX industry

By Derin Bamgbelu | 20th August 2018

3D is a major department in VFX post production studios!

There are many roles within the 3D and CGI departments , such as lighting artist, modelling artist, look development artist etc. In this article we will look at some of the major roles you may be able to become in the 3D department.

Environment Artist

Environment Artist are responsible for creating the majority of overall visuals you will encounter on screen, as they specialise in outdoor and indoor locations. They tend to use modelling texturing and photo manipulation to recreate the environment that the actions take place in.

Look Development Artist

The Look Development Artist will work closely with many VFX artist such as, VFX supervisor, art director, lighting, texturing artist and shader development technical director.They will guide the development and look of production asset; work closely with lighting to help define the lighting rendering and composition solutions to maintain integrity of the desired visual target.

Lighting Artist

Lighting Artist use computer software lighting and work with images photographed on setto illuminate 3d objects so they match live action background. These are then enhanced and accented to help the story.


Animators have the job of breathing life into a character, creature and object so they so they move realistically and/or display a personality. No matter how great the CGI is, if its movement isn’t realistic the audience won’t believe in it.

Modelling Artist

3D Modellers create a whole range of 3D assets for the digital world.A modeller uses a range of techniques, often based on diverse real world skills sets, such as, sculpting or engineering. As a 3D modeller you could be asked to make anything on the computer, from the fantastic to the mundane.

Texturing artist

A Texture Artist develops textures for digital media, these textures can be in the form of 3D art that may be overlaid onto a polygon mesh to create a realistic 3D model. As a texture Artist you may create ‘skin’, surface detail and colour through a combination of photographs and painting in three dimensions.


Match moving is a cinematic technique that allows for the insertion of computer graphics into live action footage. Matchmovers extract movements and spatial information from previously shot material so that objects and people can be dropped into the shoot without anyone knowing.

For more information on roles in 3D, check out into film’s VFX careers map.